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Seguente Gomlek   16.09.2010 15:09:59

          Today SEGUENTE , is a perfect shirt and a wonderful brand desired to be worn by all men as a global brand.

Seguente has been working within the framework of idea that shirts are the vital items for the finery of men to reflect the affinity of men since its founding, and the company has gained lots of successes during this period of time. Meanwhile it has become a company which has its name mentioned a lot around the globe as well as Turkey.

   The use of shirts in men’s wears dates back to Egyptians and they are our indispensables during daily life, business life and parties. From the first day it has been used for clothing, it had an exclusive place among other clothes and it has even been an important part of history by becoming the subject matters of some laws. For instance in late 16th century, there were legislations that prohibited people not having a higher statute in society from wearing chiffon, gilt shirts in England. Even in those years the shirts were assumed to reflect the image and social statute of men and today it still preserves this privilege of being a symbol of elegance.

     The role Mehmet Metin Karataş; the founder and chairman of Seguente has in the success of our brand is certainly as important as the quality of the brand. Mehmet Metin Karataş tells Seguente becoming a global brand as follows: “We have never compromised our principle of quality and strived a lot till we succeeded. Our thrust in the brand motivated us for better products at superior quality. Maybe that’s why today we manufacture the shirts having the highest quality in Turkey. Today Seguente, is a perfect shirt and a wonderful brand desired to be worn by all men as a global brand.” 

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